Win an In-Game Pet in Raid Lore

Want to Win an In-Game Pet in Raid Lore? Here is how you can!

A small kitten in a basket.

In Raid Lore, the opportunities are endless, and we just added one more prize. Some weeks, starting on Tuesday after reset, a number will be chosen between 1 and 1000 and screenshotted with a timestamp to verify the winning number for the following Tuesday. Every Monday evening or first thing Tuesday morning, depending on my schedule, I will announce the winner of the pet. To win, you must attempt to guess the number closest to the secret number screenshotted at some point during the week (but before 8pm the Monday the contest ends) and post your decision in the guild forum thread designated, for example, “Weekly pet contest ending this coming (date ending)”. You cannot submit your answer in any other way but in the forum, and the name used when you sign up, must match a toon’s name you have in the guild. Only 1 guess per account/player is allowed and you must be a current member of the guild.

At 8pm the Monday the contest ends, replies to the thread will be closed and the screenshotted winning number will be posted in the thread. The winner will be notified through the forum, when we see them or via in-game mail. Then, the winning player can choose any pet $10.00 or less in the blizzard pet store. Once either Krit or Mrs. Kenzee is aware of your choice, you MUST allow Mr. Krit to add you to battle tag long enough to award you your pet choice via the Blizzard gift option. Once we are notified, you will be awarded your pet within 4 days of being added to battle tag. It may not be instant (sometimes it is), but within 4 days you will receive it (at the convenience of Mr. Krit). The reason it can be up to 4 days is because if you try to gift a player after adding them to battle tag, blizzard sometimes requires them to be friends for at least 3 days in order to gift anything. We can, however, possibly use an email address instead to speed things up.

So, remember, you must sign up on the forum and with your toon name in the guild to even enter. Post whatever number you want to guess in the post between 1 and 1000 and hope for some luck. You can also edit your choice as often as you like up until the thread closes.

Here is the link to the proper guild forum section.


If you find that you cannot sign up or register on the site or in the forum, it is most likely due to the site being turned off to registration for the time being. To get around this, email Mr. Krit at and he can assist you in getting registered.

If, by some chance two players chose the same number or are equally close and win, we will simply put them both in a group and have them roll. Highest roll will decide the winner.