The Raid Lore Guild Entering 2022

The Raid Lore Guild Entering 2022 will hopefully continue to grow and become more than was expected.

Growing a successful guild in World of Warcraft is becoming more and more difficult with the ever-shrinking player base. Although I hope to see this trend reverse itself heading into the next expansion, I would not count on that to happen. And even though I have become very resistant to depending on players in game for the growth of the guild, I do see some glimmers of hope. Some of the guildies have been quite wonderful and there may be some promise in that regard. Still, I find myself faced with a mountain to climb unlike any other in years past. It’s more important than ever that we keep a steady pace and continue to move forward, not allowing the many setbacks which are bound to happen, dissuade us.

Although our raid schedule will continue to grow, and our members swell, it’s important that the guild not plateau and fall victim to the complacency that generally engulfs most guilds from the early enthusiasm you see when first recruiting. It’s easy to fizzle out and lose momentum. To avoid this, the responsibility and attention required can be quite daunting. It can be a vacuum on a person’s life in regard to spare time. Honestly, I see the mythic raid team flourishing at some point. At which time, I see the guild really gaining traction. The podcast and other avenues online will also drive attention. Each of which I also see gaining traction as they are refined and polished and their purpose clarified. Factor that with some really painstaking attention to creativity and wha-la, you have a diamond in the rough. It will take time for Raid Lore to reach its goal, but I do see it happening. In the ever-changing landscape that is World of Warcraft and its frustrating social dynamics, I see Raid Lore rising from the ashes and making its way to the top of the mountain at some point in 2022.

The real trick will be the rabbit I will be pulling from my hat. The ace up my sleeve. The secret not yet reviled will be the most powerful tool the guild will have toward its growth. Most people are not aware of what is planned for the guild, but rest assured the illusion that is current moment Raid Lore is just that, an illusion. The twists and turns that will follow the guild will be overshadowed by the grandest magic trick of them all. Yes, 2022 will be a grand year. Watch, observe and remember, don’t’ watch the left hand and forget what the right hand is doing. If you do, you just might be … surprised.