Recruiting In Raid Lore

Recruiting In Raid Lore has begun and hopefully we shall see the guild grow over time.

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Recruiting has begun in the Raid Lore Guild on Trollbane server for those that know anything about World of Warcraft. Over the past few days, I have managed to recruit over one hundred new guild members. Some of them seem to still be learning the game’s ropes but for the most part, they all have been very nice. Finding nice folks to play the game with is certainly something I look for. Toxicity online, especially in this day and time, has become a real problem. But so far, so good. Hopefully, we will continue to get the right people.

As we pick up our raiding schedule, we hope to find some players more inclined to the raiding side of the game. I think I can find some over time, but it might be a very gradual process. Generally they come in, one here and one there as we raid. It takes a little time but I think it’ll all take care of itself in the end. The real problem I am facing is trying to be real careful to make sure not to be too much of a friend to some of the guild members. Friendship is fine but for some, this becomes an opportunity to expect too much or you will get some players who try and impose their will. And most times, it’s in a direction that I don’t intend to follow. So, there has to be some separation in order to avoid a conflict of interest. Unfortunately, this might mean some guild members will feel I’m not being attentive enough. It’s a tight rope to walk to be sure.

Still, things seem to be going well so far. At this time, I still don’t intend to have officers in the guild. It may, however, get to a point to where I will need at least one officer to help look after things when I’m not online. This certainly has me concerned because in the past when I had officers, some of them became a little power hungry and they had to be removed. I think that is why I’m not a fan of officers. You have to be real careful who you place in a position of power. You have to have someone who will treat the guild members with respect and do the right thing when problems come up. And it’s hard to know who you are really promoting when you don’t really know these people in real life. So it is a gamble, at least to some degree. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if someone separates themselves in such a way that I feel they are well suited for that kind of responsibility.

It is my intentions to continue to grow Raid Lore, at least for now. Life has a funny way of tossing curve balls and changing our minds, so we shall see. Hopefully, we can continue to attract the right people.

Note: Raid Lore is not currently recruiting in the game of World of Warcraft as of Jan. 1st, 2023.

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