Raid Lore Raid Schedule

This is the current Raid Lore – Trollbane raid schedule. Updated Nov. 11th, 2023, for all future raids.

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Set Raid Times: Non-Mythic/Non-Tuesday Raid times are never required but are available at the times below if needed. This schedule is for Dragonflight, Amirdrassil raid times only.

Krit Lead Raid Times for Patch 10.2.0: Amirdrassil, the Dreams Hope

  • All Raid Times are subject to change without notice based on real-life obligations.
  • Raid times for Amirdrassil will be random, but steady. I do not intend to have a set raid schedule until after New Years Day 2024.
  • We will be doing Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulty this raid tier.
  • We will most likely be raiding daily through the holidays, but Tuesdays will be a regular day for us. Thank you.

The only exceptions to this raid schedule are the days around Christmas and New Year’s. Raid times near any holiday may be removed for obvious reasons. We will no longer be giving folks a daily update on Raid times, please refer to this schedule. We’ll update it periodically. Please take the time to watch the following video on discord and go ahead and download it. Discord is required for all raids and major guild events. Here is a quick video tutorial for setting up discord:

Also, please remember that the required minimum item level of your current equipped gear must be 440 to join normal mode raids and 455 to join heroic mode raids. No player will be permitted to join either raid with lower equipped gear than was just stated without prior approval from the GM or active raid lead. Players are also responsible for making sure that their gear is fully enchanted, that they bring personal consumables with them and that they have installed the latest version of the Deadly Boss Mods addon. Raid Lore does not supply enchants or consumables for difficulties less than Mythic. Outside of the newly added raid schedule listed above, which may be modified down the road, Raid Lore’s raid schedule is normally randomized, and we will continue to run random raids in addition. Here is a video explaining this:

Players are also encouraged to use the group finder in game tool to join other groups on their own to better improve their gear, knowledge and experience prior to guild and other Raid Lore runs. The more you know, the more you can assist others. Also, please take the time to further maximize your toons performance by making sure you have the right secondary stats on your gear when possible and also studying your toon’s recommended rotation. Keeping up on in game quests which might boost toon performance can also be helpful prior to raiding.