Raid Lore is Recruiting

Raid Lore is Recruiting on Trollbane server in world of warcraft and needs your help!

Raid Lore is currently looking for players interested in both casual and hard mode content. Whether questing is your thing, or you are into battlegrounds or raiding, we would enjoy having you in the guild. We are growing and looking to build an environment rarely seen in World of Warcraft. At the time of this blog, we have around 200+ players in the guild, which includes some alts, but we will continue to add more over time. Not only can you continue to raid with your current guild, but you can also raid with us. Our raid schedule is currently growing and before long, we hope to have one of the most robust raid schedules in the game.

Players who are interested should not spend money to change servers but should simply add a baby toon to the guild and level it. You have plenty of time to gear a toon and come on board as a raider and make friends. As long as your attitude is positive and your ability to play well with others is on par, you are welcome here. Below is a quick podcast touching on the guild and reasons to consider joining.

If you decide the guild is for you, please be willing to hop in our discord and discuss joining the guild. If we find you to be pleasant and interested in either social leveling, pvp or hard mode raiding, we will be happy to have you. Right now, we are looking for both casual and hard mode players to join the guild. Once you have been accepted, please submit an alt toon to the guild finder in game to Raid Lore – Trollbane and we will grab you and add you to our ranks. You can level your alt up over time and gear yourself to raid. Changing servers is not required and never recommended. Thank you for considering Raid Lore.

You must be at least level 10 in order to Que for the Raid Lore guild in the in-game guild finder. Also, for any player joining the guild after June 1st, 2022, there is a guild toon limit of two at any one time.