Raid Lore is looking for Raid Leads

For those that qualify, being a raid lead in Raid Lore has perks and we need you.

In Raid Lore, we take growing the guild very seriously and are always looking to improve. One of the things we are looking to do is to recruit Raid Leads for the different levels of difficulty. In doing so, this will offer a much wider opportunity for the guild members to find times which best suit them in which to raid. If you think raid leading is your thing and that you may qualify, please talk to Mr. Krit.

All raid leads in Raid Lore must start out as a normal mode raid lead and be approved by Mr. Krit. To be approved, there is a brief interview in discord, you must read this blog post, be willing to run raids with a Raid Lore feel and run one short raid with Mr. Krit only as an observer to make sure you have the proper temperament for the position. Mr. Krit will never tell you how to run your raids as long as you treat the raid members with reasonable respect. Your style is your style, and you get to pick the days, times and requirements for your raids. We do ask that you run at least 4 raids per month (3 hours per raid minimum), place them on the calendar and invite anyone who might qualify from the guild to give them a chance to come along.

In return for your time each month as a raid lead, we do offer a small package of compensation which increases based on raid level of difficulty. Here is the compensation chart for all raid leads in Raid Lore at this time.

Raid Lead In-Game Gold Chart in Raid Lore

  1. Normal Mode Raid Lead – 100k gold to start (Eligible after 30 days) – Paid out between the 23rd and the 30th for 4 (3 hour) raids
  2. Heroic Mode Raid Lead – 150k gold to start (Eligible after 30 days) – Paid out between the 23rd and the 30th for 4 (3 hour) raids
  3. Mythic Mode Raid Lead – 200k gold to start (Eligible after 30 days) – Paid out between the 23rd and the 30th for 4 (3 hour) raids
  4. After 120 days as a lead in the guild in good standing, payouts will increase by 100k.
  5. If you raid lead in guild for 1 year, your current gold payout will double.

Guidelines for all raid leads in Raid Lore

  1. All raid leads must be approved by Mr. Krit.
  2. You cannot be paid gold to lead raids if you are not an approved raid lead by Mr. Krit.
  3. All leads must volunteer, or lead for free, for a minimum of 30 days as a trial lead before you can be compensated in any form.
  4. You also cannot be paid for any raid you lead, whether you are approved or not, unless you place the raid on the calendar for a minimum of 4 days. This is non-negotiable. Any spur of the moment raids you run are of your own good will and will not be compensated.
  5. All raid leads must start as a normal mode raid lead first, no exceptions.
  6. You cannot be promoted to a higher difficulty lead without at least running 8 current mode raids for the guild and with Mr. Krit’s approval.
  7. All raid leads must run at least 4 runs per month to be paid the full amount.
  8. Each run you cancel will reduce your gold payout by 25% for that month.
  9. If you cancel scheduled raids too often, you may be removed as a raid lead and that position given to someone else.
  10. Leads may choose their own times and days (once per week) but place them on calendar (inviting guild Tomb Raider level and above), preferably, two weeks in advance and with all relevant information and any minimum requirements for their raid.
  11. All scheduled raids should be at least 3 hours minimum; this includes any time waiting to form from que.
  12. Raids should only be called early, ONLY, in rare occasions.
  13. Leads may remove anyone from their raids for any reason as long as it’s reasonable to do so.
  14. Leads can run their raids anyway they choose so long as they do so with class and good temperament.
  15. There is no set number of bosses you must kill. The raids are intended as a learning, gearing opportunity.
  16. No matter whether 1 guild member joins the raid or 10, leads should fill with any additional needed players from group finder at the lead’s discretion.
  17. Raid leads can run their current raid level or the one below for the guild, but no more than 8 raids per month. This will also increase their payout.
  18. You will receive full payout for the current raid level you are approved for. If you do 4 raids at your level, for each lower-level raid you run, you will receive 25% of that level’s payout per raid, up to 4. You cannot be paid more for a current raid level, only lesser ones up to 4.
  19. You can only get paid double for your current level if we don’t have enough leads. We are looking for two normal leads, two heroic and 1 mythic lead at this time.
  20. Mythic raids are only run Monday Nights (Or an alternative day) at 8pm Est time. This is the only raid level raid time that is set. We will add an additional mythic day once we get enough mythic raiders.
  21. All raids must be run with discord. However, not every member has to be in, just most. This is at the Raid Lead’s discretion.
  22. If you become a raid lead in the middle of the month, you will be paid 25% for each raid you run prior to the 23rd for that partial month and then receive the full amount thereafter.
  23. Payouts can only be paid by Mr. Krit, or an approved guild member, between the 23rd and the 30th each month at Mr. Krit’s convenience.
  24. Raid Leads may be fired for any reason, at any time and without notice. They will be paid a prorated gold amount for raids run up to that point. Generally, leads are fired because they fail to operate with the best interest of the Raid Lore guild in mind.
  25. Although we want our leads to also have a wonderful gameplay experience, these guidelines may be modified at any time and for any reason. Occasions would probably be rare and only done so in the best interest of everyone.
  26. All players must also follow the standard guild policies and guidelines.