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Raid Lore - Trollbane

As Raid Lore grows, for those that enjoy playing World of Warcraft, we will need more and more folks interested in being part of our guild.  Although raiding is certainly a large part of what we do, all casual and independent players with the proper attitude and willingness to contribute are welcome.  No one person can possibly do it all.  Every new member will make Raid Lore a better place.  Come be a part of the family.  Here is the link to the guild forum.

Those interested in joining the Raid Lore guild may either contact me via in-game mail on Trollbane server to Kriticål, email me directly from the website, or submit a request to join the guild by using the in-game recruiting tool.   If you were declined admission in the guild finder, it likely means that you failed to clearly note who you are in the guild finder queue or that you may need to reach out to Mr. Krit directly.  In most cases, we may just need a little more information in order for us to accept your request. Discord is required for all raids and guild related events. 


A Few Other Guild Links of Interest:

The Late Night with Raid Lore Podcast

Our podcast is a great way to follow the Raid Lore guild and many other great topics.

Raid Lore Guild Blogs

By signing up on the website, guild members can gain access to many helpful Raid Lore guild Blog posts.
Click Here for Guild Blogs

Be a part of the journey.

Be a part of our Raid Team

The raiding opportunities in Raid Lore are extensive to say the least.  Normal and heroic modes are regularly on the menu, and we would like nothing more than to have you join our Tuesday night N/H raid team for Dragonflight (9pm-12am Est.).   You can also visit our overall raid schedule here: Raid Schedule.

Quest with new friends

In World of Warcraft, questing never seems to end and the grind is real, but questing with friends and guildies is way more fun.  Being a part of Raid Lore will certainly make questing more fun and a great way to meet new friends.

Help us push keys

Keys, keys and more keys..  Everyone loves keys, and doing them with friends and guildies certainly makes pushing them much more fun.  As the guild continues to grow, there will always be people in the guild excited to lend a hand.

Achievements, farming and more...

Who doesn’t enjoy an achievement here and there and maybe a cool mount?  In Raid Lore, there is always someone willing to lend a hand to those who are willing to do the same.  Come be a part of the Raid Lore community.

Enjoy some great Raid Lore apparel!