Late Night with Raid Lore

The Late Night with Raid Lore Podcast has finally made its debut and I hope that it brings some enjoyment.

The Late Night with Raid Lore Podcast cover.

The Late Night with Raid Lore podcast has finally arrived. I have given it a lot of thought over the past few months. I had been interested in a podcast for quite some time now. I just could never decide on what type of podcast and particularly the name. When I was younger, I remember going to bed at night with the Coasttocoastam late night show with Art Bell playing on my radio. Sometimes it wasn’t so easy back then to tune it in either. I would have to somehow move the antennae into just the right position to gain just enough reception so that I could hear what was being said. Although Art Bell was a master at his radio show, it reminded me very much of a podcast type broadcast. Even today as I listen to other hosts from that show, as good as they are, none can match the sheer grandmaster status of the great Art Bell. He had a knack for setting the tone of the show and bringing the audience with him into the dark mysterious scene he had created. As a host, very few could match him. Maybe perhaps, Rush Limbaugh, but of course the shows revolved around different subject matter.

Raid Lore, the name, was originally chosen as the name of a guild in World of Warcraft in 2013. I had been playing the game for some time and enjoyed the raiding aspect of the game very much and Raid Lore certainly seemed to have a raiding feel to it. Now, in 2021, I have decided to go a step further with the name. The podcast, Late Night with Raid Lore, will spend a lot of time talking about the game that was responsible for its creation but also talk about many other things. Things like science, mystery, the future, the past, folklore, history, myths, legends and and just about anything else that teases the mind will be discussed.

It’s funny, I’ve heard so many people say that when you make a podcast you should stick to one category or subject but I disagree. To me, the trick to a successful podcast is talking about what you know and what you love. Combine those two things and it’s hard to go wrong. People can feel what you enjoy doing when you talk about something that interests you and they will generally respond well to it. I expect, as I become more comfortable with my podcasts, the audience will sense my enjoyment. And that, is why its worth doing. Thank you everyone for being a part of Raid Lore.

Here is the link to The Late Night with Raid Lore Podcast. Enjoy!

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