Advice On Podcasting

If you are a thinking of making your own podcast and need some advice on podcasting, you may find this blog/podcast informative.

Photo of the Rode Podcaster Pro I, mentioned in the podcast called, Advice on Podcasting.
Image of the Rode Podcaster Pro I.


Getting into the world of podcasting can seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Knowing where to start can be quite confusing. In this podcast, I try to not only encourage you but give you a place to start. For the beginner looking for some tips and general information, this podcast might address some of your concerns and questions. Had I started making a podcast for the first time today, I would find the information in this podcast helpful.



Below, I have also added some of the links mentioned in the podcast to help you navigate.

At the time of the making of the podcast listed above, none of these links were affiliate links. That, of course, may change since all of the links below are really great services. I’m not saying you should use any of them, but merely suggesting that you may want to consider them when getting into podcasting. They helped me get started and they may help you.